Grant County International Airport

The Grant County International Airport is a full service airport with an FAA Index rating of A. It consists of five active runways: Runway 14L/32R, which is 13,503 feet long and 200 feet wide, Runway 4/22, which is 10,000 feet long and 100 Feet wide, Runway 18/36, which is 3,327 feet long and 75 feet wide, Runway 14R/32L, which is 2,936 feet long and 75 Feet wide, and Runway 9/27, which is 3,500 feet long and 90 Feet wide. Runway 9/27 is an unmarked, unlighted, tactical strip for military use only. The primary types of aircraft which utilize the airport are Boeing 737, 787, and 747 test flights, as well as the following military aircraft, C-17, EA6B, and E18 used for training. Grant County International Airport sees more than 1,616 flight take-offs and landings every week.

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