Rural Metro Fire's mission is to reduce risks to public safety in our community by taking a proactive approach to fire prevention.

Rural Metro Firefighters are in constant contact with people in the communities we serve. Focusing on the schools we serve, crews visit pre-school and elementary school kids throughout the academic year, and often go to middle schools and high schools to make sure Pima County's youth is aware of fire risks and knows how to react in case of an emergency. Also working with schools in the areas of math and science, showing students practical application of what they are learning each school day.

Providing CPR classes for the residents and businesses we serve, is an intregal part of the Rural Metro Fire Public Education program. Our communites benefit with increasing the number of CPR certified residents. Our classes teach life saving measures, very basic first aid, and include Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training, as the untis are becoming more prevelant in our community.

As CPR saves lives, smoke detectors do as well. Your home should have working smoke detectors in all living areas, especially sleeping areas. Replacing the battery backup is recommended at least once per year. As part of the Rural Metro Fire Department services, firefighters will assist with replacing batteries, supplied by the owner, when the assistance is needed.

Home Safety Reviews are another Public Education opportunities as part of the subscription services. The firefigthers will offer safety suggestions about your home to reduce potential emergencies, including Wildland Fire Safety and Pool Safety.

Health and Wellness are important topics for overall public safety, our stations offer blood pressure checks, just stop by any Rural Metro Fire Department station and our crews will help.

Rural Metro Fire's Prevention Division for Pima County can be reached at 520-297-3600 or at [email protected] if you have a specific request or question.