Thank you for being a member of the Rural Metro Fire Department by renewing your annual subscription!

Rural Metro Fire is the national leader in private fire protection services to dozens of unincorporated communities around the nation, such as Maricopa County, Arizona; Knox County, Tennessee; Pima County, Arizona; Josephine County, Oregon; Pinal County, Arizona; Yuma County, Arizona. Property owners are responsible to contract directly with Rural Metro Fire Department to provide fire protection services. With your annual subscription you avoid costly, non-member hourly rates for response to your property.

Rural Metro Fire Department is not funded by tax dollars. We are a subscription fire department supported through annual fees by a yearly membership. Additionally, you may be eligible for discounted rates on your homeowners insurance when you retain service with us. We offer many services to our customers in addition to fire service coverage, please contact the local Customer Service Department in your area for more information.

Existing Rural Metro Fire customers can safely and conveniently maintain their fire service by paying online, with 100% protection of your personal information. If you have any questions, please contact the local Customer Service Department in your area.

Thank you again for continuing fire service on your property with Rural Metro Fire Department!

Just follow the steps below to begin processing your payment. You may wish to review Rural Metro Fire's Privacy Statement before beginning.

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