The Community Connect program allows residents to input information about their household which will assist firefighters and Rural Metro Fire EMS personnel to be even better prepared to respond to the unique needs of your household members – even your pets!


The app is provided at no cost but should not be mistaken for Rural Metro Fire membership. The Community Connect app is just one of the benefits Rural Metro Fire members enjoy along with:


    • Hazardous Reptile Removal
    • Annual Home Safety Inspections
    • Community Education and Safety Programs


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Become a Member
Members never pay out-of-pocket for the fire suppression or emergency medical responses Rural Metro Fire provides. Get started on your Rural Metro membership today and see the affordable payment options available to you.


After enrolling as a Rural Metro Fire member, you can immediately enter your household details on the Community Connect site ensuring we have all your unique household information ahead of an emergency.





Existing Rural Metro Fire Members  

Sign Up for the Community Connect App. Select your location below to get started. 


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Disclaimer: Rural Metro Fire Membership is not required to utilize the Community Connect App. It is a free offering to all households within our participating service areas. However, a Community Connect account will not offer financial protection nor act as a replacement for Rural Metro Fire membership. For all fire or medical emergencies Dial 911.